5 things you should check when you look for a software house

29 January 2020

If you want to do an IT project and you are not a part of this industry, you need a team of specialists who will help you. While you can easily find the programming company, choosing them can seem like a challenge. Why? It’s not just that the IT market has become quite crowded, but offers from different contractors can differ significantly from each other, so we will furnish you with the knowledge of what details you should pay attention to.

If you don’t have the IT knowledge, you should arrange the meeting with a software house and take the IT specialist or somebody who knows the subject. They will help you understand the case and verify the experience and knowledge of the developers whom you entrust your project to.




Framework is a skeleton used to build some apps. Usually developers use this type of IT solution to enable them work efficiently. It’s a very important step because when you will entrust your app to another software house in the future, their specialists should also know the particular framework. It will make changes easier.

Competences and experience of employees

Before you hand in your project to the developers you should know who they are. If you look for the professional approach and error-free solution, you will need the crew of specialists with an extensive experience. To find out who works at this software house you could use LinkedIn. Profiles of developers give you a clear picture of their competence and abilities. If you care about the specific IT solution, you should ask for a meeting with an employee who specializes in it.

Implementation of similar or the same projects

And this is the moment when your IT specialist will help you! During the meeting we suggest you ask about similar project to yours. If this company has already done something similar before check this project with your developer. Don’t be afraid to ask! If, because of the legal reasons, you do not have the access to apps, you should ask to describe them.


Portfolio and references are the great source of knowledge about the quality of services.  Find out how long this company has been on the market, who it employs and what opinion it has on the Internet.


There is a reason why the price is at the end of this article. Why? Because it is not a good indicator of quality. For example PHP programmer will charge you less that JAVA programmer. Junior takes less money than senior, and senior does the same as junior but in a faster way!

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