7 customer service rules that will help you develop your business

13 September 2021

How is a growing business supposed to support its agents and potential customers? It’s easy to create error-free customer service thanks to solid and flexible software, intuitive interface and most importantly thanks to employees.

How to support clients and the team that will take care of them? You have to stick to good rules of service that have been proven over the years, which simply work. In order to increase employee involvement and at the same time maintain a high level of customer service, it will also be necessary to use appropriate software designed specifically for small businesses. According to the old rules, companies used to rule, but now it is the client who wears the crown and the quality of work has become the key topic of success in business. Customer service has ceased to be a cost center, it has rather become an opportunity to strengthen relationships.


Let’s go over the seven principles that will help transform your support operations and ensure the best quality

  1. Support customers as a team because service is teamwork. The consumer should be supported at every stage of contact, in every possible way and on a large scale, using trained employees and experts. If everyone is committed and working on the frontline, it is easy to meet stakeholder expectations and maintain a high level of services provided.
  2. Listen to the client and encourage the team to ask questions while interacting with the counterparty. The more questions, the better the team gets to know the client and learns about his needs, which is a great asset for the company. A team that knows the buyer’s needs and expectations very well is a mine of knowledge and a source of product innovations. Therefore, it is worth organizing company meetings, where it will be possible to present and analyse the opinions of buyers.
  3. Spend time building relationships, if there are repetitive tasks, you can leave them to chatbots, let the technology do the hard work for the team. You do not need to hire more employees then, and trained salespeople can focus on solving complex problems and at the same time strengthen relationships with customers.
  1. Always be honest, even when you have a lack of knowledge on a given topic, when you do not know how to solve a problem, keep a dialogue and promise that as soon as you find an answer to a given situation, you will come back to it with a specific solution, this way you will gain respect in the eyes of the client.
  2. Exercise empathy, because it has become a rarity in agent-client relations. A team of employees must master the forgotten art of empathy in order to provide service effectively and professionally. Suggest to the representatives to put themselves in the client’s place and thoroughly understand his problem and how they would like their case to be settled, only this attitude will be really appreciated by the client, because he will feel the full commitment of the person serving him.
  3. Know exactly the product you are offering, the more your team knows about it, the better they will be able to handle it. Therefore, the more training for a given product, the better the handling of activities related to it. The training that will be provided will become a key part of the maintenance activities. Most companies, when introducing a new employee to the structure of the plant, send him to weekly product training, which makes the employees know the product inside out, and at the same time they are prepared for each new sales version.
  4. Remember that every second counts because the customer doesn’t like to wait! Consequently, you need to provide your team with all the possible tools it needs to operate professionally and quickly. If we shorten the service time for a given person, we will also shorten the waiting time for the next one. The entire team should be motivated to be able to comprehensively and comprehensively solve the problem, present benefits, provide a solution for every circumstance, and it was done in the shortest possible time.

How and if it is possible to apply the above methods in Salesforce, we will try to present you in the next article … see you 😊

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