Changes that have occurred in our reality

16 April 2021

The changes that have occurred in our lives and work since 2020 and spring 2021 affect our perception of reality.

😲 We noticed small flats, lack of space, balconies, crowded public transport, smog… 😡 We stopped to see how we had lived so far. 🙄

Those who have always lived in cities began to look differently at the possibilities of living on the outskirts of an agglomeration, in the countryside, owning a plot of land, or even a piece of land in allotment gardens. 🌱🌲🌳 Access to urban infrastructure has become troublesome or very limited. 😒 Entertainment (cinemas, theatres, sports matches), which was very important for some people, has become unavailable at all. 🙁

Most of us also used the restaurant on a daily basis, we ate meals with friends, we had a great time at events also the company ones, coffee on the way to the office, maybe some croissant … What is left of it? Basically nothing, substitute in the form of a home-ordered pizza, some restaurants offer takeaways, but is it the same? 🤔 There is no atmosphere of meetings, conversations and fun. Gyms, hairdressers, beauty salons are all closed.

The word of the 2020, i.e. lockdown, is still with us and reigns supreme. How to deal with it? 🤔 It turns out that some of us began to seriously think about buying a house in the countryside, others learned to cook and serve dishes like in a restaurant. It is definitely a better idea than apathy and stagnation. However, everyone is wondering how long the economy can handle it, how many percentage points the economic development will drop, and how we will cope with the new postcovid reality, if it ever happens.

You also need to prepare for the economic crisis, the world market will need a long time to return to the pre-pandemic state when it opens. And we? We will also need time, some to recover and others to mentally deal with the new situation.


Technology is helping us

Technology comes to our aid, which in 2020 has become not only our friend, but a necessity without which we could neither work nor live. 👈 Technology allows for equal opportunities in large agglomerations as well as in towns and villages. 💻 Such a prosaic thing as access to the Internet is supposed to be everywhere, but is it true?🌐

No, there are places where the Internet either does not exist or coverage is too weak, and the same applies to mobile networks. These differences need to be eliminated so that access to the latest scientific achievements is everywhere, not only in big cities. Work becomes then easier, access to it also, ordinary contact with colleagues and thus also with the client. Only with sustainable development are we able to bounce off the bottom. 😌

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