Digital transformation – how to do it?

26 May 2021

Customer in the spotlight? Yes, of course, it is a necessity that gives you the opportunity to increase your turnover and profit.

How can this be done? Start by gathering a team to complete the necessary information: business strategy, goals and challenges related to the customer experience and knowledge of employees. With the right team, a key step in driving your digital transformation is creating a Strategic Innovation Plan, a technology plan that outlines the initiatives your teams will implement over time. This includes goals, milestones and KPIs for everyone, from sales and marketing to customer service.

What should your innovation plan include?

  • Ideas set against a schedule
  • Short and long term goals
  • Resources
  • Milestones (release and join dates)
  • Training
  • Change management
  • Implementation and schedules
  • Updates


Digital transformation – Where should you start?

From setting priorities, satisfied employees and customers result in a significant increase in revenues. At the very top, put the most important needs of customers and employees, especially those who have the greatest, key impact on your company and performance indicators. To create a customer journey map, browse reviews, check results, learn to gather the most important information. Listen to employees and learn from their experiences. Check customer-employee interactions, find points of friction. Setting expectations is also critical.

Will your company live up to your vision?

Resources are the next thing, and here are the questions that need to be clearly answered. Will your company live up to your vision? What budget does it have? Will she need a consulting partner who will bring industry and technology knowledge to make the project successful and bring the expected profit? The needs of your company, customers and employees are constantly changing, so that a new system or tool meets your expectations for a long time, regular reviews and optimization will be needed.

Only holistic, global thinking will move your business towards customer orientation, and your current business opportunities will allow you to find the best technology your business requires to achieve your goal.

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