1. The Company’s website uses cookies, which enable the identification of browsers used by the users of a website while browsing it.
  2. Cookies contain short fragments of text, which is read only by those sites that send them. Information obtained in this way enables to determine the frequency of visits to the site, as well as which elements are most interesting to users. All data are used for the purpose of better adjustment of websites to the needs of users, improvement of website functionality as well as for statistical and advertising purposes. The files used may not constitute a source of viruses or other malware, which could pose a threat to users’ devices.
  3. Each separate cookie is created by four basic parts:
    • name of the website, i.e. the name of domain or subdomain that set the cookie;
    • unique name of the cookie that was assigned to it on the website generating it;
    • cookie expiry dates – some files expire at the same time as closing the browser (these are called session cookies), while others are deleted automatically when the set expiry date is reached (called persistent cookies);
    • value, i.e. information contained in a cookie file, which is used by the website to keep a record of previous visits.
  4. Cookies contain basic information about users (such as identifiers), as well as various types of data enabling optimization and correct presentation of the content contained on websites. Information stored in cookies is used for purposes such as:
    • recognize users who log on to protected websites and thus gain the ability to use multiple websites, without the need to provide their username and password on each page;
    • creating a record of user preferences, i.e. the format of browsing and content viewed, without the need to set individual preferences for each visit to a particular website;
    • preparation of a register of pages visited by users – on this basis, data is obtained which facilitates the introduction of improvements in the content visible on the sites, as well as in the way of site navigation.
  5. All users of the Company’s services may discontinue sending data to our services at any time. In order to do so, you must delete the cookies that have been stored by our service on their terminal equipment. Deletion of cookies must be done by making changes to the current settings of your web browser.
  6. You can find more information about cookies and changes in settings on individual browsers, including: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer.
  7. Each user has the right to refuse to save and read cookies on the devices they use, such as their computer and phone. To do so, select the appropriate settings in your web browser options, or refuse to accept an inquiry sent by an application related to a particular website.
  8. If you configure your browser in such a way as to block the installation of cookies for all or some of the websites you have selected, some functionalities may be lost, thus preventing you from using the website to its full extent.
  9. In accordance with the applicable provisions of the Act of 16 July 2004 – Telecommunications Law, Journal of Laws 2017.1907, i.e. of 2017.10.12, as well as the GDPR, as a form of confirmation of consent to the use of cookies is considered to be such a configuration of the web browser that allows the installation of cookies on the user’s devices.
  10. For more information about cookies, please visit this page:

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