How does working in the cloud look like?

23 April 2021

What Is Cloud Computing?

Operation in the cloud is based on using data, resources and tools without taking up space on our computer. We use certain services – paid or free – that are stored on the Internet. A web browser is the only tool you need. Simply speaking, our data files are hosted on a remote server. If we make a change to our files, programs, everything is automatically saved in the cloud instead of on our computer. We have access to our data from any device connected to the Internet. We do not have to transfer files between computers and remember which version of the file is the latest. The computer is only an access point to our data, where we use our resources with a user account.


A breakthrough year for cloud-based work.

Looking at the events of 2020, we see a huge and completely unexpected need for cloud access. It was a breakthrough year in terms of digitization, but also amazing in terms of investing in the most modern tools allowing remote work of thousands of employees and customers.

Salesforce Ventures has become the surest way to stimulate growth and increase customer success. The systemic evolution of the cloud has driven innovation, and an entire year has shown that using it speeds up the transformation we thought would take decades. Usability became the most important and then the value of the cloud was widely confirmed. Enterprises that embraced digital transformation have become more resilient, efficient and flexible. Everything happened in 2020, it has gained momentum and will be our strength this year.

A holistic view of customer data has become the pillar of digital transformation 2.0, i.e. Digital Transformation 2.0 and Customer 360. Companies around the world are transforming data and introducing cloud applications that show and use data to validate every part of their business. Smooth information management requires an innovative approach, therefore many companies supported by Salesforce Ventures implement: Auth0, BigID, Crossbeam and Snowflake.

Apps that improve information flow are Qualified, Workato, and Automation Anywhere – we will see less monolithic products as applications will continue to become more cross-product, cross-functional, and cross-cloud.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation – Salesforce Ventures is driving this innovation, including Airkit, Process Street, Gong, Qualified, and Outreach. Data entry will be more automated – so employees will not have to log in as often, but the data quality will improve.


Remote work and collaboration – Auth0, hopin, Tanium, Talkdesk, Outreach and Qatalog.

Remote work has become a social norm, communication in a distributed team is a necessity to invest in virtual communication, data sharing and security, as well as tools enabling remote sales and service – everything that laptops supports in the field.

If you are building a cloud-based company in the areas we specialize in, please contact us. We will comprehensively introduce, adapt and help you use the available tools, and your company will start smoothly in 2021 and will gain new markets.

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