New professions in the IT industry

21 March 2022

None of us have any doubts that the IT sector is the most dynamically developing work industry in the world. From year to year, you can see new professions and specializations emerging in this branch, which have never been heard of before. It is worth getting acquainted with the news and completely new names of the professions that have appeared. It can be almost 100% assumed that soon there will be huge demand for them and demand on the labour market.


Let’s check what the new names and professions are

  1. Blockchain Engineer — sounds mysterious and intriguing? What does the person holding this position do? Blockchain is a specialist in the core of the Bitcoin technology, i.e. the network currency. Currently, many companies are trying to use this position when creating trading platforms and cards that identify transaction security. What skills do I need to apply for this position? You need to be familiar with cryptography, hashing solutions and distributed systems. You will also find proficiency in maths very helpful, as it is much more complex than normal programming. However, the income that can be achieved per year is quite impressive, as it can amount to about $150-170 thousand.
  2. Machine Learning Specialist — The IT giants are already working with several universities to create curricula for future machine learning specialists. More and more solutions that require appropriate Big Data analysis are based on machine learning, which ensures optimal action taken on the basis of experience gained by applications.
  3. Virtual reality engineer — probably the first thing you thought about were computer games, because only there is virtual reality. Well, not because it is slowly entering other areas of computer technology. The New York Times, for example, use virtual reality for telephone applications in conjunction with Google Cardboard to make the news real. Thanks to this, we can look at the world from the position of any viewer and go to any corner of the globe. Already, specialists say that the virtual reality industry will generate billions in profits over the next few years. What skills are required to become an engineer in this profession? All you need is the basics of programming, knowledge of the mobile application environment and experience in graphics processing as well as digital image processing.
  1. Big Data Specialist — in fact, this is not a completely new specialization, and the number of people working in it has been increasing for several years, and it can be taken for granted that soon the number of job offers in this field will increase significantly. The Bid Data analysis tools are plentiful , and their prices are falling. Many companies see the need to select only what is most important from the deluge of data and which will effectively allow for quick development and more effective response to customer needs, and even go ahead with the offer. Assuming that the amount of data increases by an avalanche (about 40% per year), such specialists will be worth their weight in gold.
  2. Internet of Things Architect — The Internet is growing every year. A huge number of devices are still connected to it, and of various types. Experts estimate that the number of 28 billion has already been exceeded. So the demand for specialists is also growing. What should an applicant for this position be able to do? First of all, the combination of management skills with the implementation of comprehensive tasks and solutions using IoT, M2M or cloud technologies.
  3. Cyber ​​threats specialist — this is obviously not a completely new profession. Increasing aggression from hackers and crackers automatically made companies invest in cybersecurity specialists. Among the reports that appear quite successively, it is evident that the number of security incidents increased to 38%, and in Poland itself to 46%. All attacks are also becoming more frequent and intrusive, which is why people dealing with cybersecurity are required to have a lot of knowledge in the field of machine learning algorithms. It is through this knowledge that it is easier for them to understand how crackers work and to interpret threats arising from various sources.

If perhaps something has changed in your life, or you are bored with your current job, maybe it is worth considering a change and reaching for a new profession that will make your professional life blush. Good luck

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