New technologies in the IT industry – 5 tools worth knowing

30 August 2021

Are you wondering whether to become a programmer and at the same time have an outline of everything you need to learn and in what direction will the IT industry develop? Do you analyse which of the currently used languages, frameworks or currently used solutions will not go down in history in some time? A conscious programmer realizes that learning in this profession is a continuous process. Programming is one of those branches in which development takes place relatively quickly and at the same time makes working in the IT industry very exciting. When you start your adventure in the industry and take your first steps in programming, you may feel lost in the number of available languages and products that you can use. You probably want to first determine the specialization and only then gain knowledge in a specific direction to start operating in a specific market niche.


Here are five programming trends that have a future

  1. Blue Prism is, next to Automation Anywhere and Ui Path, one of the most important tools for managing robotic process automation, or RTA for short. It works by programming a series of relevant behaviours, actions and operations that make up the entire process. RTA can be used for various tasks, the simplest are navigation on websites, typing text or making clicks. RTA is designed to eliminate the “human factor” in order to minimize the number of errors and save on the cost of not too difficult work that can be done automatically. Blue Prism is a process automation tool and requires virtually no programming skills because it can be implemented and managed within the existing IT structure in the company.
  2. Docker is an open source software that acts as a distributed application development platform. This platform enables instantiation and virtualization at the operating system level. Suppose you have the program you are using, all of its libraries, databases, and other dependencies in a virtual container that you can open on almost any Linux server. Using containers that can communicate with each other is an easy and more efficient way to virtualize than full virtualization. In order to get acquainted with the operation of Docker, all you need is a basic knowledge of the well-known Windows and at least minimal experience with Linux.
  3. Ethereum – what if we could use the idea of Blockchain in applications? If what you know from people-to-people contacts is transferred to the zone of digital security and the relationship between you and devices, so that transparency and security are assigned automatically, then Ethereum would be created from there. You know it as a platform that supports the ether cryptocurrency, but we’re interested in using it to build Blockchain applications that support smart contacts. To learn about Ethereum’s principles of operation, you will need to know JavaScript, AngularJS, Ajax-Reguests and Grunt.
  1. Unity — is nothing more than a game development engine that runs on multiple platforms. The main task of Unity is to create 2D and 3D games and interactive elements. Currently, it supports over 20 platforms, including of course PC, Android and IOS. To get to know Unity better, you need hardware that meets certain technical parameters and a basic knowledge of C #.
  2. Salesforce — is one of the largest CRM platforms and software that works in the cloud (used for relationship and customer management). It consists of over 800 applications that support the creation of new leads, increase sales and finalize contracts. It was established to effectively manage the data that the company collects about customers, their behaviour and choices. Recently, Salesforce also offers a combination of IOT with the CRM platform. To get to know its operation well, you need knowledge of cloud computing and knowledge of databases. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the technology to manage all of your company’s relationships and interactions with both existing and prospective customers. The goal is simple: Improve your business relationship to grow your business. The CRM system helps companies stay in touch with customers, streamline processes and improve profitability.

When we talk about CRM, we usually mean a system, a tool that helps you manage contacts, sales, representative performance, and more. CRM tools can now be used for relationship work with customers throughout the customer lifecycle, including marketing, sales, digital commerce, and customer service interactions.

A CRM solution helps you focus on your organization’s relationships with individuals – including customers, service users, colleagues, or suppliers – throughout the entire relationship cycle, including finding new customers, selling, and providing support and additional services throughout the relationship.

Which specialization you choose depends not only on your preferences, but also think which of the above-mentioned applications have the best chance for development, and thus, will give you satisfaction and real high earnings in the future. Good luck

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