Salesforce full service

What does Salesforce full service mean? Salesforce is a CRM platform that breaks records of popularity. What makes it different? First of all it works in the cloud. This means that you no longer need to install special programs and plugins to support costumers, plan marketing activities, data analysis and others. To use Salesforce you only need a browser and internet access. Application will open in the new tab.

Imagine how easy your professional reality can be, if you let Salesforce help you run your business processes.

What we do?

IT outsourcing

Software development and maintenance

Awesome Time App


You decide to relegate your company’s IT tasks to an external company employing experienced IT specialists mainly in Salesforce technology. From now, high qualified administators, implementation specialists and analysts will take care of it.

Ok, but what you will gain from it? You save money that you would have to spend on your own IT department, you get high-quality IT solutions, and comfort because you work with professionals.

Software maintenance and development

Do you need a Salesforce-based solution to increase the efficiency and quality of your services? We will create it for you. Do you need new features in an existing application? Awesome! We are eagerly waiting.

Do you have an unfinished project? Even better!

Our specialists like challenges the most. Do you need to maintain professional software? We can help!

Awesome Time

AwesomeTime is our proprietary application that will help you organize your work day in your company. Owing to that fact you can register employees working time, including brands and projects.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!