Planning a digital marketing strategy

12 May 2021

We need to set goals, understand your audience, and be able to measure success with an effective digital marketing plan.

The foundation of a good digital marketing plan is a solid understanding of your brand and what value it brings to your audience. Like any plan or task, you need to set short, medium and long-term goals and describe precisely how we will implement them in a given time period. Digital marketing should be multifunctional and include the next steps, taking into account the goals of all teams, as well as compliance with the mission and vision of the company. It is intended to contain detailed information on the action plans and thus focus on the target audience.


What areas should we focus on to make the plan clear, feasible and deliver the planned benefits?

Your digital marketing plan should have three tiers:

  • Goals – must be meaningful and take into account business development, you can use SMART here.
  • Strategy – a division that allows dividing activities in time into achievable challenges.
  • Tactics – here you need to define how we will implement the plan.

Another methodology is the V2MOM method, an acronym for Salesforce for Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures. If you are interested in organizational adjustment, call or write in your own company, we will help. It is very important to check your goals often. You can use a data visualization tool for this. You will easily see how concrete effort translates to success and focus on those activities that pay off.

How to get customers to buy

Target groups – this is the answer to the questions your customers need to complete the purchase. What are they like? How do they communicate with you most often? What can you do for them to allay their objections? Develop and use user profiles to better understand them. Over time, you will learn more about your audience, and when that happens, your efforts will bring measurable success. Salesforce also gives you the possibility of appropriate reporting and thanks to data visualization tools you can easily and quickly check whether you are achieving your goals.

The current situation in the world has taught us that investing in new technologies is the only right solution to prepare for any eventuality.

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