Positioning, what is it?

1 November 2021

At the start, it should be noted that this is such a vast topic and the issue itself is complicated. Describing everything step by step would take a lot of time, and reading the text itself can also get boring. Let’s describe it as briefly as possible, keeping the most important information, and its essence. It is a process that allows you to increase the visibility of pages and sites among the search engine results. The user enters a keyword and the search engine throws sites that match the entered word.

Google (97% of users) always provides its users with the pages that are most relevant to the keyword and will contain relevant information. They meet other requirements. These include the appropriate page loading speed, security and, above all, usability. In the first place are websites that are constantly optimized by Google crawlers and meet the user’s expectations.

Every owner of a website who cares about popularity will invest in positioning. The deposit on which a given page appears depends mainly on the optimization of the website itself and the selection of phrases and other positioning activities that will make it the first place under the keywords. Positioning can be divided into two options, i.e. an action performed on the website and outside it, the so-called off-site and on-site. There are several factors that significantly affect your site’s visibility, including the correctness of the website code, linking by external websites, website structure and optimization for SEO.

What is SEO?

It is an audit that allows you to examine the level of optimization, search for errors and determine the potential of your website. However, the most important thing is the selection of keywords, wrong selection will make the website position for the wrong phrases. The keywords for the place are selected in terms of the field and topic of the website, competitiveness, and expectations of the target group.

The next step is to optimize the website itself, i.e. polish its structure, navigation, adjust it for robots and this is how you create headers, meta descriptions, and fix other technical elements of the website. An important element is off-side positioning, which gets high-value inbound links. The specific scope of linking makes Google see that the website recommended by other websites meets the relevant criteria and automatically ranks it high in the searches. It should also be ensured that there is a lot of content, and descriptions should be placed as often as possible keeping in mind the transparency of the page, and the more text, the better.

Google perceives a given page as valuable for Internet users because it scrupulously describes and exhausts the topic. The use of headings is no less important. It should contain information on what will be in a given paragraph. Text with such a signal is more readable for users and makes the Internet user more likely to look there. Uniform text and the lack of headers causes disinformation, and it is difficult to know what the text will be about and whether it is worth paying attention to.

The overall appearance of the text and the page is equally important, because headers are not everything. Bolding the most important words works great for the appearance of strontium. You can successfully use bullets or infographics, it will make the whole user-friendly and legible. Positioning is nowadays the absolute basis of marketing, because it will professionally make your website gain popularity and visibility, and the results will bring you measurable benefits.


Here you should list:

  • Increase in popularity
  • Brand recognition and logo
  • Better company image
  • Increasing orders
  • Stay ahead of the competition

We must also bear in mind that you do not get a high position in Google overnight. It is quite a time-consuming process, however, it brings many benefits, it is profitable, and it is worth waiting for the results. If the website is in the top 10 positions, its popularity will definitely increase as users rarely look at further search positions.

A high position in Google is of great importance not only for companies, blogs, but above all for online stores, as it affects the company’s image and its direct profits. It might seem that trying to get the site as high as possible is a waste of time, because you can take advantage of paid ads, but it is worth considering the fact that many users do not enter paid ads, so it’s worth taking care of the best deposit in free results.

The websites with the highest position are perceived as reliable and substantive, and this is what it is all about. Positioning has a decisive advantage over other forms of advertising, because it is directly targeted at people interested in given products or services, and thus increases marketing effectiveness. Site placement is a large issue, and all activities related to it should be performed in a systematic and continuous manner. The best solution is to outsource this process to companies that deal with it professionally, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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