R as a language for programming, positioning and results analysis

1 November 2021

For many experts, SEO is simply a way of life, but not necessarily the only way to earn money. Anyone who deals with positioning will probably use the R language. An interpreted programming language, and for this it is a statistical computing environment. According to the available lists, when it comes to the popularity of the languages ​​used, R is in the top ten most commonly used in the world.


Advantages and disadvantages

As any programming language has its advantages and disadvantages, the same way R has advantages. The strengths include a very large number of ready-made libraries, which definitely make it easier to determine the task, e.g. obtaining data from Google Analytics accounts. The high availability of materials and guides for improving qualifications is also an undeniable advantage. While the wide possibilities of visualization will help build advanced reporting panels.

The disadvantage is that R is much slower, for example, than Python, and is dependent on the hardware on which the code is executed. To sum up, the R language is most recommended for positioners. It responds to business (data visualization, reporting) and technical (data set analysis) needs.


So what is positioning?

This is nothing more than increasing the visibility of websites in various search engines. The user enters the appropriate phrase or query, and the search engine presents all sites that meet the criteria and recommends pages that will contain relevant information. However, they must meet certain requirements, such as safety, appropriate charging speed, but also usability.

Checking whether a given page deserves a specific position is based on the website analysis by Google crawlers. Therefore, the ones that have been optimized and meet the user’s expectations will be displayed first. Every website owner who cares about popularity should take care of the positioning of his website. The position on which a given page will appear depends on the optimization of the page itself and the selection of phrases that will make it appear as high as possible under the keywords.

There are several main factors that will affect the visibility of the site. The correctness of the site code, linking by external sites, page structure. Page allocation is a lot of processes that aim to increase the visibility of websites under specific phrases, therefore two actions are performed first. The first is an SEO audit and the next is the selection of keywords. The audit gives the opportunity to examine the level of optimization, search for errors and determine the positioning potential of websites. The selection of keywords is of the greatest importance.

If it is made incorrectly, it will happen that the site will position itself for wrong phrases. The key word is selected for a specific field or topic. Then I optimize the site itself, which consists in refining its structure, navigation, adjusting it for robots, which is why headers, meta descriptions are created, and technical repairs are made.

The next step is activities on the website consisting in planning and creating content for SEO, optimization of current and new elements, placement of graphics and many more. An accurate linking profile makes Google see that the website recommended by other websites is more valuable and therefore should rank high in the search results. Positioning carried out in a reliable and professional way will make the website more visible and popular.


The effects are visible and include, among others

  • Significant increase in visits to the website
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Larger number of orders, for example in a shop
  • Transparent image of the company
  • Stay ahead of the competition

Allocation is a necessary basis for internet marketing, other activities will not give such a positive end result. Professionals in the field of positioning rely on honest methods permitted by Google and achieve the intended effect, i.e. obtaining a competitive position in search engines. Depending on the client’s needs and specifications, the effects of positioning can be billed as a subscription or for the results achieved in achieving the appropriate ranking. As the positioning process itself is quite complex, in the next article we will deal in detail with the entire chain of activities related to it, so see you later.

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