What Salesforce can give you?

23 June 2021

Selling has never been so easy

In the age of the internet and the huge opportunities that Salesforce offers us – the largest and fastest growing CRM in the world, sales have never been so easy. It is a solution that is most sought after by the largest corporations, companies from any industry in both trade, marketing or analytics.

The variety of variants available in this technology gives you the opportunity to build any business process to make your business work as much as possible. Getting the right forecasts has always been a puzzle for many businesses. Sometimes forecasting specialists say they use spells to make their predictions. Many businesses have the right data to make accurate forecasts, but there are no tools to create them. The forecasting and analytics capabilities of Salesforce CRM are huge. Forecasting with the help of data collected by all systems in the company helps businesses to answer whether they are able to create, among other things, a portfolio of customers, on time or what tools will be needed in the supply chain, or simply manage the company’s finances most efficiently.


Technology, people and processes

Forecasting and analytics are based on three powerful pillars: technology, people and processes. Technology, which is now a powerhouse, and especially a tool like Salesforce. People – in estimating sales important if not the most important is to give the team and leaders CRM software and train them in the operation of the forecast module. These employees need to have a great deal of knowledge about the system, because they are the ones who get the most data into the system, if this data is entered by sales staff, it will be the most reliable forecasts. Processes – all data should be checked from the bottom of the organization and gradually, increase the structure of the company. This means that analytics should be collected from a single employee, team, department, and finally across the company.

Salesforce Forecasting is a strategic module of Salesforce CRM that schedules sales and company revenue, uses data generated by all employees of the company to create transparent tables and graphs presenting data.

Why CRM in the organization?

Many people are still wondering why CRM in the organization? After all, we have at our disposal e-mail, ERP and other forms of communication. Modern platforms such as Salesforce give much more and bring tangible benefits to the company. Why use the potential of CRM? Salesforce is a set of tools that are able to improve the operation of the company, but it is not enough, you still need ideas on how to use them effectively. We know that keeping a current customer is easier than getting a new one. The CRM system quickly and easily identifies such a stakeholder, a specific module will recognize the number already existing in our database and throw us on the screen all additional information about it. This will allow us to effectively sell or take care of loyalty to regular customers. Thanks to this system, we are able to determine the needs of the client, offer e.g. discount for many years of cooperation or some other attractive benefit. CRM is increasingly closely linked to social networks.

The right tools allow you to quickly find information about our brand or competition and react accordingly. FB, Instagram or any other portal is an option to build an image, but also to collect leads. Thanks to purchasing analysis, we can easily find strategic customers for your business and prioritize them. Taking care of the contractors that make the most profit for the company, we have a chance to keep them for longer, as well as take care of our image. Salesforce is also a Marketing Cloud and other tools that allow you to use data from CRM for marketing activities. This allows us to automate email delivery so that it reaches individual customers at the right time, giving you the ability to successfully target and place your ads.

From the position of the head of CRM, it is also a way to control the entire team of sellers, because you can significantly interfere in the activities of salespeople by checking whether they take appropriate steps to acquire new customers and whether the current customers have received all possible profits. It should be mentioned that the Salesforce platform is based on the cloud, and this gives the possibility of constant access to the system regardless of where we are at the moment. They are great tools for field traders, but also perfect for managers who can follow the work at any time. The client’s status is no secret, even with the occasional meeting. Your business is just always with you. We can completely adapt a modern, advanced CRM to our needs. Many applications and modules in combination with other IT solutions make the system give new possibilities whenever we need them.


Communication in the company

Communication in the company is a very important thing and often neglected, especially in medium and small enterprises. If you think that any of your colleagues will guess our intentions or actions taken, you are wrong, which is why the planned internal communication strategy is so important.

CRM is a great tool, especially when we offer chat inside the team. Good communication will make teamwork more effective. A great element is also the knowledge base about the company and its products, where you can place everything that is necessary about them, including response templates, action diagrams, applied solutions or necessary procedures. CRM systems offer practically unlimited possibilities, you only need to skilfully use them and implement them, and effective use will translate directly into the results and functioning of the company.

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