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15 November 2021

Customer service using Salesforce Service Cloud….

If you are a business owner, Salesforce will become your ally at every turn. Salesforce is a system of a multitude of tools that will improve the operation of the company and increase the quality and productivity of employees. Professionalism will provide professional customer service, exceeding their expectations, the response to daily reports will become a routine. Service Cloud will give your consultants the ability to quickly respond to virtually any customer need or to a complaint.

Thanks to the fact that the consultant has access to the history of previous contacts and activities on the client’s account, he will be perfectly prepared for the interview. Thanks to the possibility of dealing with matters through multiple channels, the client has the possibility and freedom in choosing the form of contact. The key is that within the Service Cloud it is possible to create a knowledge base that will serve the employees as a source of information in order to provide the highest level of service. Updating all system data, automatic notifications and classification of current customer affairs is the best way to properly and reliably service. It allows saving time for both the customer and the employee, which is certainly beneficial for both parties.

Each employee knows that when using Service Cloud, he performs his duties with the highest quality of service. It gives him motivation and effectiveness. At the first contact, the customer will notice that the company cares about their comfort and understands their needs. It knows how to deal with the problem they reported. Salesforce Service Cloud is a very transparent console that gives you real-time access to information and ensures immediate flow of information in an effective manner. Each employee of the company has access to it not only in the office, but everywhere, because it works in a web browser or application on mobile devices, and no additional software is needed, because all operations take place in the cloud, and therefore on Salesforce servers.

Thanks to the implementation of multi-level contact with the customer, the Service Cloud tool gives employees and customers full control over service matters, convenience and all the tools and conditions to ensure that the case is completed quickly and efficiently. The merger of Salesforce with Sales Cloud resulted in the fact that the most important goal – customer satisfaction can be achieved through a quick and individual approach to him and an efficient solution to his problem.

If it is also possible to analyse historical data, it is nothing easier than the possibility of assessing what type of contact the customer prefers and what can be changed and possibly improved in order to improve the level of service. SC can also collaborate with the client on various social media platforms and refer cases to the appropriate employee.

Service Cloud has as many as 9 key functions:

  1. Agent area — a comprehensive user interface for customer service staff that offers productivity tools, analysis and customer views.
  2. Knowledge management — employees can create and manage the company’s knowledge base resources.
  3. Case management — consultants can handle cases on several channels simultaneously, using computers and other mobile devices.
  4. Multichannel routing — potential customers and their cases are classified and directed to a specific agent based on such data like employee skills and availability. Coordinators have access to the full view and activity of employees.
  5. Service analysis — dashboards provide consultants with easy access to reports and CRM data, such as chatbot performance, case history and number, backlog analysis and agent productivity.
  6. Automation of service processes — this is a support function that can be automated using artificial intelligence.
  7. Computer telephony integration — these are service connections from and to customers that can be managed with customer information.
  8. Order and asset management — it’s just tracking customer data such as order history, support history or assets.
  9. Automation with macros — these repetitive customer service tasks can be automated.

Other SC functions

They include: multiple languages, personalized reporting, platform integration such as Facebook Messenger or text messaging, can be used freely on mobile applications, live web chats, team collaboration, community cloud integration, visual timeline and service permissions.

Salesforce Servis Cloud is available in four pricing versions and the price ranges from $75 to $300 depending on the option you choose, but you can try the free version at first, which has the basic SC functionality preserved. When customers use Salesforce products, they have the choice between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, both modules overlap. Sales Clous used by companies that focus on lead generation and sales. Salesforce Service Cloud has all the functions that Sales Cloud has, plus other facilities related to the support process.

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