Slack platform and its new features pt.2

13 December 2021

Slack gives a number of new features, as well as more efficient work

  1. Slack First Sustainability – deals with effective cooperation between companies and suppliers, allowing them to achieve the ability to report investment in scope 3. At the same time, it allows to reduce CO2 emissions. Automating the workflow simplifies collaborative work around solidified reductions, which definitely helps organizations accelerate full carbon neutrality.
  2. Slack First Corporate end Investment Banking– makes it easier for all bank employees to improve communication and quickly cooperate on transactions anywhere, anytime. New features give you the chance to create, share, and collaborate on account data across individual Slack channels.
  3. Slack First Healthcare and Life Sciences – allows you to easily manage employee involvement from the position of one integrated platform. Teams are free to streamline the knowledge flow process with appropriate employee onboarding channels, bots, and notifications to the extent necessary to improve performance and health.
  4. Slack First Philanthropy – guides employees straight to the goals they set for themselves. New features mean that charity gains a social character and allows employees to make donations, share their activities with colleagues directly on Slack, which increases employee involvement in the community and charity assistance.
  5. Slack First Nonprofit – Provides nonprofit organizations with a single platform to collaborate and help their community. People who manage goals can directly introduce appropriate partners to Slack, both from the outside and inside, which significantly improves communication regarding customers. Daily messages are automatic updates to help customers achieve their goals.
  6. Slack First Education – helps institutions create a connected camp and make sure that lecturers, students, staff and affiliates have access to the same information. With the Student Success Alert App for Slack, departments can quickly inform counsellors about student issues while allowing support to be accessed from anywhere.

More efficient communication thanks to Slack’s product innovations

  1. Clips – is an alternative to endless meetings and a more flexible and asynchronous method of communication. With it, users can easily create, share and receive video and audio content in channels, allowing them to participate in discussions on a schedule. Users can slow down or speed up the recording, read the transcription, and even get access to archival recordings with the ability to search for relevant content or additionally play the recordings via phones from anywhere.
  2. Slack Connect – translates communication from separate mailboxes to channels, thanks to which teams can work faster, while undertaking joint activities with external organizations. The new functionality definitely facilitates the use of Slack Connect for users who do not use Slack on a daily basis, which allows customers to sponsor channels with external partners.
  3. GoySlack– Slack enables a secure digital hub for governments, their associates and entrepreneurs who need the highest level of compliance with regulations and rules. GovSlack is a Slack software option that runs on a government-certified cloud and provides agencies with a leap in productivity with the highest threshold of secure collaboration.

Slack is a brilliant tool. When it started on the market, it was primarily dedicated to corporations as a communicator. Currently, it has become such a powerful and popular mass tool as Messenger or WhatsApp. Students, editors, non-governmental organizations and, of course, all kinds of corporations, which are still the main target group on the market, eagerly reach for it.

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