Slack platform and its new features

13 December 2021

Salesforce presented the innovative possibilities of integrating the Slack teamwork platform software with industry solutions and its products. When in 2020 various companies, enterprises and some workplaces began to massively switch to remote work, most simply moved office tasks to the virtual space. Today, it is almost certain that many of these jobs will never return to their former form.

Currently, 9 out of 10 assume that they will stay with the hybrid model, which is why there is a need to develop new tools and methods of work such as meetings, company mail or simply gathering outside work in the digital world. In August this year, new possibilities of integrating Slack and Salesforce software took place, introducing the option of linking their products such as Commerce, Platform, Quip, as well as with their industry clouds or products. There are new features of the Slack platform that will provide customers with tools dedicated to operating in digital technologies.

Clips is a novelty used to create and share audio, video and screen recordings in the form of any channel on the Slack platform, which definitely facilitates the work in a flexible way and in accordance with your own graphics. GovSlack, on the other hand, is a Slack software option that is responsible for the most stringent requirements of e.g. government agencies in terms of regulations and in the area of ​​state security (USA).

Many improvements in the Slack Connect service make the creation and management of connections much easier than before, even from the point of view of partners and customers who have not used platforms such as Slack before. All of these enhancements enable secure collaboration across internal and external teams, streamlining a workflow that is based on CRM data.

Salesforce Customer 360

  • Slack First Sales – allows sales teams to collaborate in real time to finalize large amounts of transactions – much faster and from anywhere. Through digital showrooms, salespeople have access to update and share Salesforce records directly on the Slack platform. Additionally, new alert features enable teams to track important counterparty updates.
  • Slack First Service – automatically allows you to search and add cases to specific experts. Advanced search allows multifunctional teams to collaborate on overarching incidents to most effectively resolve customer issues.
  • Slack First Marketing – enables marketers and agency associates to work within a digital, shared workspace. Marketing professionals can now speed up planning of activities with Slack’s Einstein Recommendations service, and Pardot’s automation will make it easier for everyone to collaborate in one shared customer view.
  • Slack First Digital Experiences – Helps businesses to deliver personalized digital experiences immediately. New CMS integration methods communicate internal and external teams about the release of new content, which definitely facilitates communication and quickly engages a larger group of customers.
  • Slack First Commerce – allows teams to gain a better understanding of the accuracy of actions, adapt to changing trends or establish close contact with colleagues and customers. The new alert options introduced enable quick solutions to order problems.
  • Slack First Platform – gives developers and administrators the ability to easily create applications using low-code tools that connect data from any business system. The new opportunities created allow teams to create end-to-end workflows, which in turn make it easier for employees, customers or partners to track activities on the Slack platform.
  • Slack First Analytics – presents teams with conclusions that are needed in the workplace, so that they can make specific decisions as quickly as possible. Modern features of the Einstein service enable teams to create forecasts based on artificial intelligence, and additionally, notifications allow them to track specific data and trends.
  • Slack First Trailhead – supports learning directly on the Slack platform. It is worth mentioning that additional recommendations based on artificial intelligence support employees in achieving the development goal, while organizations build employees’ competences with the future in mind.
  • Slack First MuleSoft – allows you to connect multiple business applications directly to the Slack platform while eliminating the need to switch between multiple programs and systems. New possibilities provide the comfort of connecting applications and data with the software via an interface and automatically trigger alerts to the workflows used.
  • Slack First Quip – Allows sales to collaborate in a digital workspace that provides a single customer view. The team can embed Quip documents directly in Slack, which facilitates cooperation and speed of transaction execution. Slack is also a smoother workflow, but we’ll write about that in the next post

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