SQL and Ruby – programming languages in a nutshell

29 November 2021

What is SQL?

The SQL language was created in the 70s. It was created by IBM. Oracle was the first company to use it. SQL is a language that is used almost in every database. You can perform any data retrieval, data insertion, modify records or simply create databases with it. It is a key and primary language for creating databases. Its knowledge is indispensable for creating additional reports for CRM or ERP systems, unless advanced BI is used.

If someone works with a lot of data and information that is based on columns and rows of tables, SQL will be great for him. It is super efficient for retrieving data, especially for many related tables. Correlation with each other of different sources is quick and easy. SQL can be use wherever work is related to data processing and storage.

Databases based on this language enable the creation of statistics and queries, and simplify operations with complex relational data. SQL works like an enhanced version of Excel so that the user can manage data to complete a given task. Appropriate use of this language, as long as you can enter an appropriate question, will result in numerous accurate observations. Many companies, such as Google or Facebook, use SQL to collect as much information as possible, e.g. about the habits and interests of the customer.


Now a little bit about Ruby

The second language worth mentioning is Ruby, which is fully object-oriented. One of the most important features that distinguishes it from object-oriented languages ​​is the ability to implement only one inheritance, not multiple inheritance as in the case of, for example, C ++. The user has the option to freely change the selected parts, and Ruby treats errors as exceptions. In its operation, it uses the identification of the type of the object on the basis of the methods provided by the given object without any declaration from the coder.

Ruby reads a command as an expression and executes it as an unconditional order to perform the action. The language is generally easy to learn, but this does not mean that its capabilities are limited. Due to its simplicity, it is used to write scripts and one-liners, but it will also work well in creating applications or extended websites.

Why you should choose Ruby?

An active community has developed around Ruby, which shares ready solutions with each other, which significantly improves the process of building original tasks. The most popular sites that were created in this language are Tumblr or Twitch.tv. Ruby may not be as popular as JavaScript, but it is definitely not a forgotten language and is still evolving (version 3.0 was released in 2020).

Many programmers choose Ruby at the beginning of their careers, but content themselves with learning the basics, and therefore there are few specialists in this field, although you can quickly learn it and start earning money. Since there are few specialists in this language, programmers who choose it can count on high earnings. Not only IT graduates can count on an attractive salary, but even students during their studies. Developers offer a unique opportunity to combine work with studios, and it is worth taking advantage of this.

Ruby is a language that does not require defining types, which significantly reduces the amount of code required to enter. The user does not have to think about memory management, because this task is performed by the garbage collector. Many frameworks have been built on the basis of Ruby, making website development simpler and faster. This is probably why novice programmers start their careers with this language. While searching for information about this language, you can come across opinions that it is an “elegant programming language”.


What features make Ruby so good reviews and reviews, and what young developers love it?

First of all, it is simplicity, naturalness and ease of assimilation. Thanks to the clear syntax and many possibilities of changing the code, writing programs in Ruby is relatively fast. Everything is an object in Ruby, and that’s probably why there is no more objective programming language. Ruby is a flexible programming language that allows you to customize it to your needs. Adding new methods in classes or the classes themselves is simple and intuitive. Moreover, the user can extend Ruby tasks to include so-called “gems” or libraries. Thanks to the growing popularity, companies are increasingly looking for employees coding in this language, so learning this language is a great investment in your own qualifications and career path.

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