Summer, holiday and return to work

30 June 2021

How to plan a holiday

Finally, we have summer, warm, sunny, and with the beautiful weather, the holiday season has come. After 12 months of intensive work, each of us is looking forward to a dream and longed-for rest. Usually, each person working full-time plans their vacations at the beginning of the year. If you are a full-time employee, you are entitled to 20 to 26 days of holiday, depending on your seniority. So what is the best way to plan these days? It is worth getting acquainted with the calendar and checking how holidays fall, or even long weekends and other statutory holidays, in order to incorporate your holiday days into them, thus extending the rest period. Even before going on holiday, it is worth completing all started projects or other orders, or ask a colleague to complete these tasks – of course, if it is possible.


Leave and form of employment

However, one important issue should also be remembered, namely the form of our employment, because it has a significant impact on our remuneration when we take a leave.

Contract of employment

When we are employed under a contract of employment, we have a 100% paid holiday and each employee must be on a continuous 10 calendar days on holiday, you can choose any subsequent days freely, and those that you do not use are transferred to the next calendar year, but remember that by a specific date, e.g. for 2020, you can pick up the outstanding leave until September 2021.


It is completely different when we are a contract agent. Contract is now an increasingly popular form of employment, primarily in industries where highly qualified specialists and managers, e.g. the IT industry, are required. A contract agreement combines the features of an employment contract with a mandate contract. You take the number of days off by of your own discretion. We will not elaborate on the legal features of this contract, because it is rather a separate dissertation, it is rather about drawing attention to the fact that with this form of employment, we are unlikely to receive remuneration for rest.

Choosing a place

Now, when we have days off from work, we can choose our place for a successful rest. Each of us has our own preferences as to where we like to be in the summer. Maybe sea? The whole family will spend most of the time on the beach, where the sun is shining, but we have the opportunity to cool the body in cold, salty water, and building a sand castle is an additional fun. Or maybe mountains? Hiking along designated routes with a backpack on your shoulders and a bottle of water in your hand when we get thirsty. Reaching a mountain peak is a great topic for post-vacation stories for friends. Or maybe somewhere in Masuria we will rent a yacht or a sailboat and after a successful day of sailing we will sip cold beer singing shanties.

Or maybe you prefer nature, peace and quiet? How about a charming forester’s lodge in Bory Tucholskie, if your holiday is in the mushroom season, you are guaranteed full baskets of it. When it comes to choosing a place to rest, we have a really wide choice, but if Poland are not very attractive to you, you can reach for foreign offers and here you can choose as much as you like, seas, mountains, lakes. Foreign offer in travel agencies is really wide.


Back to work

Usually, holidays end quickly, and it is time to resume work. After blissful laziness, it is hard to return to the grey everyday life and duties. What to do to prevent return to work from being “painful”? It is worth returning from travels, at least two days before the end of the holiday, to give yourself time to acclimatize and prepare mentally for work.

Probably the thought of meeting your friends from work and the opportunity to submit a “summer report” will improve your mood, and knowing that you still have a few more days off, which in case of professional exhaustion you can also use it soothingly.

In order to return to your work duties calmly and stress-free, it is also good to establish a list of the most important tasks to be performed on the first day. Also, do not worry that something does not work out on the first day after returning from holiday, because research conducted in the USA has shown that our work efficiency increases to 110% only 3 weeks after the holiday. Instead of fighting with yourself, it is better to accept the slower functioning of the body and wait for the return to full effectiveness. As a consolation, you can easily start dreaming about another long holiday next year 🙂

A well-rested employee is a happy employee, and a satisfied employee is a happy boss! And let’s stick to that when going on a dream holiday! We wish you a successful holiday and great memories.

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