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31 January 2022

Over 3 million users already use Trailhead, thus breaking all barriers in education and creating an alternative path to the Salesforce ecosystem. According to available worldwide reports, about 50% of employees will have to expand their skills in the next few years to keep up to date with the development of technology.

Many people, but also companies, are looking for alternative ways of learning. Instead of earning degrees in the antiquated (stationary) way, while changing the landscape of education, training and practice. Online learning also bridges the educational gap and helps build skills in a rapidly evolving customer service sector.

Launched in 2014, the Platform overcomes learning obstacles and opens a new “clear” path to the Salesforce ecosystem for anyone who has access to the Internet. Ranging from administrators, sales departments, marketers, architects, consultants, analysts and everyone and everything in between. Regardless of your background, knowledge or interests, there is already an educational path especially for you.


It is thanks to the Trailhead that you can:

  1. Have the knowledge needed to build a career and place a position in Salesforce, where no academic degree is required.
  2. Gain experience that build your image, attractiveness and competitiveness on the labour market.
  3. Fuse with the pioneering learner community in general and receive mentoring and collaboration in return.

Among the many offers available, Trailhead offers the most robust Salesforce skills training, and the demand for this knowledge is still growing as more and more companies use this technology in customer relationship management. According to available reports, the Salesforce ecosystem will create approximately 9 million new jobs worldwide by 2026, and this will help pioneers to advance their careers by any means.

The trailhead puts the learner right in the middle of what they do. Short phrasebooks and its content make teaching even difficult issues easy to learn and arranged according to level and roles, e.g. a marketer will learn the best marketing practices, and the director of the customer service department will gain knowledge in the field of employment relations and employee equality. Online learning also includes hands-on learning known as “projects”, so you can practice freely on the fly in a free Salesforce instance, tentatively called Trailhead Playground.

Trailhead is focused on learning primarily through career-based paths and will ensure that you achieve a specific goal. You can set yourself up for professional or personal development. There are also modules for business skills such as coaching, employment and leadership. The experience gained becomes even more personal as you achieve mapped routes and modules and hands-on projects. Salesforce Al technology or Einstein’s Recommendations is related to Trailhead and this is how the platform gets to know you and thus becomes even more complex, and gives the possibility of more accurate suggestions depending on the progress made.

The fact is that more than half of the students admitted that it was Trailhead that gave them the skills that allowed them to reach for a promotion and an increase in salary. On the other hand, one in three learners got a new job thanks to the skills gained in Trailhead. Anyone who has access to the Internet, no matter who they are or do, is free to sign up for a free account and improve their qualifications and shape a more lucrative future. Although Trailhead is generally accessible to everyone, not everyone learns the same, so you can find there:

  1. Virtual and personal learning by experts
  2. Live and on-demand movies and videos hosted by experts through Trailhead Live
  3. Full access to Trailhead and Trailhead Live modules using the free Trailhead GO mobile application for Android and Los.

It is known that learners are at different stages of their careers and come from various professional backgrounds, therefore various employee development programs are available, such as:

  1. Salesforce Talent Alliance, which connects partners with Salesforce-certified candidates and brings new and diverse talents to the ecosystem.
  2. Salesforce Military Alliance, offering completely free online training and certified exams for professionally active military personnel, but also for military veterans and spouses.
  3. Trailblazer Connect helps people find opportunities through events, mentoring and career resource.
  4. Pathfinder will enable next-generation pioneers to build a career in the Salesforce ecosystem.

If you’re new to Salesforce, you probably don’t know who the pioneer is and what makes the community unique. Pioneers are lifelong learners who will make the world a better place, fuel the future of technology, and who will likely give back to society.

Pioneers are innovating with Salesforce and using the platform to transform their business. Having an active network of people is extremely important, especially now with so many people working remotely. The entire Trailblazer community is a great place where Trailhead users connect with customers, partners and Salesforce professionals to learn together, find mentors and connect it all with career paths.

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