Training and career in Salesforce

8 November 2021

Salesforce is currently one of the most popular customer service and sales support (CRM) solutions based on cloud solutions. It enables advanced configuration and modification of the built-in functionality (out-of-the-box) depending on the users’ needs. It also has many dedicated applications placed in the online store (AppExchange), which extend the capabilities of the platform without the need for programming. These are tools compatible with each other and with other systems. Salesforce is dynamically developing and releases three updates every year, while noting a significant increase.

In the world and in Poland, an increasing number of companies decide to implement this CRM system, taking into account its flexibility and the enormity of built-in functions. Salesforce is such a rapidly developing technology that it offers wide opportunities for professional development. A well-thought-out and refined platform allows you to gain practice, and work becomes easier and fun, while at the same time polishing the programming workshop.

Developers on this platform use the Apex language and the VisualForce technology. If the coder knows any object-oriented language, learning Apex will be quite easy, and if you have the basics of JavaScript and HTML and relational databases, the implementation will not be complicated. Thanks to a large amount of training materials and interactive tutorials, getting started is very easy.


The implementation process can be divided into two parts:

  1. Programming introduction, in which specific tasks are practised in order to get acquainted with the operation of the platform and its possibilities.
  2. Administrative introduction, where you learn how to configure and use the functionalities that can be obtained using the mouse.

Salesforce training

According to all data, training in the form of workshops conducted by an experienced Salesforce developer turns out to be the most fruitful. At first glance, they all seem simple, and even tend to be ordinary online training courses that resemble the development of the same 1C accounting and similar programs.

The main benefit of training is multitasking. At the beginning of the training, the programmer does not know what this means, but the farther into the forest it becomes clear that many programming languages, modules and variables are interrelated, and it takes some time to master the algorithm of the entire system. The training in this training is designed to save you time. Often, developers are broken down into different groups that are involved in different program activities.

The best Salesforce trainings can be found both online and among special stationary trainings. If someone is fluent in English, they can easily take advantage of training directly from Salesforce itself. Once you feel that your coding knowledge is sufficient you should look around for a workplace, and it is best to consider companies looking for junior administrators or apprentices to start, as this will allow you to consolidate and understand the application of certain solutions on the platform.



Salesforce itself provides a number of certificates for people who use this system to confirm that they have obtained their qualifications. Probably the best solution will be to obtain the first Salesforce Certified Administrator certificate, which confirms the acquisition of skills in performing configuration tasks, as well as knowledge of the security system or simply sharing data with individual users. Having this certificate certifies that the user has taken the extra time to learn and completed it with complete success. Anyone who holds this certificate can confidently expect a lot of interest from companies and recruits.


What’s next?

The next steps are to expand your knowledge with new “clouds” (the platform is divided into various business functions, the so-called Cloudy). Salesforce is an innovative and perfect platform with a CRM profile. It is the most frequently chosen by enterprises of this type all over the world. It allows you to manage processes within the company, and above all, relations with customers, sales and the entire marketing.

Users rate an increase in customer satisfaction by 45%, sales by 34%, and employee engagement at the level of as much as 48%. As a result, Salesforce is a leader and the popularity and reputation of the software continues to grow on the market. Therefore, it is worth spending some time and applying to the courses and trainings that will allow you to gain knowledge in this matter, and then start working as a programmer in an interesting project.

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