Trends in the IT industry for 2021

2 August 2021

2020 is a revolutionary change forced by the coronavirus pandemic that covers the entire IT industry. Social and economic challenges initiate a transformation that continues in 2021.

IT industry trends for 2021: AI, mobility and availability

Flexibility is the main trend reflected in the activities of software companies. The year 2020 has shown that it has become the main factor leading to the intensification of activities, adjusting businesses to changing conditions. Innovation is the basis of solutions. Artificial intelligence has found its place on the podium of innovation, it is characterized by scalability, reliability and process automation.

It is efficient, easily accessible, and at the same time adaptable to the requirements of almost any enterprise, and its introduction into the main software development process becomes the key to success. Only such an action is able to guarantee that it will act as a dedicated tool, and not as an often overlooked addition to everyday work.


Complete customer journey design – 360-degree view

The client’s needs have changed significantly, he expects complete solutions, personalized for his needs. Summing up, the client should feel that he is in the center of attention, and the company he is in contact with knows exactly what his needs, interests and requirements are. At the same time, access to services must be guaranteed from any device and place.

The past months have shown that adding options or services is not enough. However, the combination of all available options into one integrated platform allows you to give the customer comfort and creates his trust in the brand, builds the image and drives sales. All these possibilities are offered by Salesforce.

Simplicity and automatism

Due to the pandemic, the availability of stationery store has become smaller or even no longer exists. However, access to services/stores for the customer remained at the same level, and more than once has become better. Programming solutions are also moving in this direction, digital must be adapted to the changing needs of the client. Multichannel connections, remote ID confirmations, platforms that make up the customer path are all a requirement now, not an add-on.

Automation opens up a number of new opportunities for companies. Cost reduction, handling time and thorough data analysis are just some of them. The implementation of automatic modules is one of the greatest opportunities related to software development. It is this improvement that allows you to reduce problems associated with everyday activities – both financial and purely process. We are waiting for hyperautomation, i.e. the automation of all possible processes – to the benefit of companies and to the applause of customers, for whom faster and comfortable settling the matter will always be in the first place.


Online security

Cybersecurity is the most important process that takes place during transactions, meetings or formalities, and all this activity has been massively transferred to the Internet. The platform on which the customer moves must be safe, its owner is responsible for ensuring that the customer’s journey is safe, fast and adapted to his needs. The customer must be guarded at every contact, this is done through remote identification, security of sensitive data or information encryption. Each new functionality needs to be checked, tested and implemented with particular responsibility.


The only thing that is certain is the change

The software development path is not yet strictly delineated, programmers are responding to changes that will not be missing and will not be missing in the years to come. Experience tells us that change is the surest thing that awaits us. Adaptation and flexibility are a cure for it, we are able to adapt to new conditions, regardless of the solutions chosen.

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