Upgrade your voice calls with direct integration with Service Cloud Voice

19 July 2021

Meet the expectations of customers and employees by connecting your voice channel to the CRM system with any telephone partner.

Customer service voice channels continue to be preferred by both service representatives and customers. Nothing can replace the matched tone of the human voice. Courtesy, humour, sympathy – an inflection here or a pause there – can send an infallible message. When it comes to customer service commitment, contractors choose the phone on almost every other channel (except email). Most service professionals (76%) prefer voice-over services, also for complex cases, according to the Salesforce Service Status Report.


Voice is and will remain a key channel in customer service centers.

In the era of chatbots and texts, customer service voice channels remain a powerful means of communicating important details remotely. Maybe you’ve already upgraded to cloud telephony or integration, or have tailored your digital customer service channels to your unique business needs. But are you getting the most out of your customer support phone systems? Let’s check.


Does your team use a single platform for voice and digital reporting?

When a customer contacts a call center, they don’t want to repeat everything they’ve done to solve their problem. Equip your telemarketers / representatives with technology that connects seamlessly to the customer service console, so they can view reports over the phone, web, and social channels – without switching between them. This allows employees to view the history of orders and service requests, as well as viewed knowledge articles or inquiries submitted via chatbots.

With Salesforce, businesses can connect to their customers by voice directly from their Service Cloud deployment, while creating a unified customer experience and digital channel to deliver faster, smarter, and more personalized services. With direct integration with Service Cloud Voice, Vonage Contact Center meets the demands of today’s modern workplace with ease of integration, high-quality audio, and global telephony coverage. We provide visibility in all conversation channels with clients: chat, email, messages, SMS and communities.

Is the customer service voice channel linked to customer relationship management (CRM)?

Deliver personalized experiences to increase customer satisfaction. Solutions such as Service Cloud Voice integrate with your CRM to give your service team complete customer visibility in every interaction with your business. When a customer calls to find out more about a special offer he has received via email, the marketer is already equipped with the information he needs. Employees can continue to use the familiar environment of the Salesforce platform, service teams benefit from cloud telephony features such as the functionality and reliability of the Talk desk contact center.

Directly in Salesforce, it is possible to personalize call flows, gain better insight into advanced customer analysis, or provide planned development of connections with a given customer and virtual queuing. You never have to leave the Salesforce platform.


Are marketers more productive by using a customer service voice channel?

It is difficult to balance the speed and quality of customer service. But why not have both? Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are helping service teams achieve this delicate balance. AI-driven automation coupled with human voice gives a multi-channel connection, customer-centric experiences that optimize performance without sacrificing quality of service.

For an incoming call, real-time call transcription is automatically turned on as part of Service Cloud Voice. AI analyses customer data and transcription to recommend next best actions. From there, automation guides employees through the processes to achieve solutions. Cases are closed faster, which increases marketers productivity.


Do your employees provide proactive support?

Customer concerns and contractors preferences regarding service channels can change quickly. A single platform that integrates cloud telephony, along with other digital customer service channels, helps employees serve customers on each channel, including businesses anticipating changing needs. Organizations can connect to customers by voice, directly from their Service Cloud deployment, while creating a unified employee and digital channel environment to deliver faster, smarter, and more personalized services.

If the analyses reveal increased customer demand for, for example, voice support, the company may increase the resources for that channel. Agents still have access to customer information based on their digital interactions and can use it to personalize their voice channel experience. Voice is and will remain a key channel in customer service centers. Understanding the interaction of voice channels and the role they play in the customer service ecosystem is critical to analysing customer behaviour as a whole and delivering unique experiences.

Are managers able to easily assess the marketer’s performance?

When cloud telephony is integrated with CRM, managers can view real-time call transcripts and assist. They learn about common customer problems and challenges for employees. They can then use that information to develop training courses that will ensure a smoother service in the future.


Find out how you can migrate your Customer Support Voice Channel to your CRM

Voice communication accounts for more than half of the daily interactions with customers, the integration of cloud telephony with Salesforce helps increase service productivity and brings you closer to the customer’s goals in a 360-degree view. Service Cloud Voice for Partner Telephony brings new benefits beyond cloud telephony to improve the voice channel of customer service. Salesforce unlocks the modern Voice environment in collaboration with some of the world’s most popular telephony providers.

This means you have a choice by voice: choose your preferred calling partner and more partners will arrive. These partnerships allow the Salesforce community to increase the value of their CRM and telephony investments, boosting employee productivity and meeting new customer expectations. Give marketers digital tools that will allow them to connect consumer data with their own human empathy. This means anyone who calls your customer service voice channel can enjoy a seamless, personalized experience.


Modernize your telephony

Digitize voice calls to integrate customer data and increase employee and manager productivity. All this is waiting for you at Awesome Bytes, our specialists will introduce your team to the world of AI and Service Cloud so that your company achieves spectacular success in sales and customer service.

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