Salesforce – what can you gain by using it?

8 November 2021

The Salesforce platform is currently the most popular CRM software. And what makes it so recognizable and widely used? We will present you several solutions recommended by programmers based on Salesforce

  1. Salesforce Lightning — significantly increases the attractiveness of the platform through a modern interface and easier use of it. Streamlined reporting allows for better management of sales based on current data. A very intuitive and clear design significantly improves the speed and efficiency of work.
  2. Flexibility and project development — creating an IT solution based on a platform is like building with plastic bricks. If you also cooperate with an experienced partner, you can create a system that adapts to the business reality.
  3. Good practices — the platform suggests tools and tips to the user, thanks to which you can use its potential to the maximum. Continuous integration and continuous delivery is a set of good standards and practices that facilitate software development and improve teamwork on a given project.
  4. Excellent Customer Service — Salesforce is a fantastic customer service tool. Service employees have easy access to previous notifications, can freely contact customers on many channels, have a knowledge base and thanks to the prepared tools they can save working time, which in turn translates into efficiency and effectiveness. Almost 48% of users noticed that the efficiency of the customer service department has definitely increased.
  5. More effective marketing — the tools that support B2B and B2C marketing are a huge advantage of the Salesforce Platform. They allow for the creation of specific marketing campaigns, real-time reporting and their automation.
  6. Higher sales — Salesforce gives support for sales in the form of Sales Cloud. It supports contractor data management, enables the automation of daily routine tasks, reduces the sales process, helps in sales control and supports reporting. When using Sales Cloud, you can expect an increase in sales by over 40%, and as much as about 38%, finalizing individual transactions.
  7. Safe solutions in the cloud — this is another block that makes up the advantages of Salesforce. Authenticated employees have access to information at any time, place and device. The data is placed on external servers, properly secured, and can be used even in the event of a failure of the user’s IT system.

Other advantages

Anyone who decides to implement at home in Salesforce, and has the support of an experienced partner, can see even more advantages of this software and push their business to the highest level. It is worth remembering that in addition to the development of the Platform, there is also the option of integration with virtually any system, regardless of whether it works on the client’s servers or in the cloud. Taking into account all the above points, we can conclude that Salesforce acts as a link, where all important data, information about customers and partners are secured and stored in a technologically advanced internet cloud.

At any time, there is access to data from any place, time and on any device, and the only thing you need is access to the Internet. All the basic functions built into the system make it possible to run a business on the first day of using Salesforce. But that’s not all, because the Platform is flexible enough to allow you to adjust and personalize the tools according to the needs of customers, employees and partners, and above all, your business.

There is no doubt, however, that implementing the Salesforce platform involves a significant financial investment, but it is necessary if you want to be competitive in the market. When everyone is used to working in a specific way, introducing new tools may cause some discomfort and even fear, but showing the advantages of CRM on a practical level will motivate employees to gradually integrate it with their daily tasks. Salesforce is the first company to introduce CRM to the cloud, giving 24/7 access to all information from anywhere in the world, and this is where the real magic begins.

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