ABC Salesforce pt1

24 January 2022

Did you know that every question can be answered in one sentence? The question remains, however, of what value such an answer will have. So what should be included in one sentence to answer what is Salesforce? If we say that this is the technology on which IT systems are built that support business and people’s work, it will not be even 1/10 of what Salesforce can do. Maybe let’s check what possibilities this technology has.


A like Apex

Many developers start their adventure with Salesforce with the slogan Apex, because this will be one of the main tools of their work. It is one of the programming languages ​​similar to Java, and if Java has no secrets from the coder, it is a perfect step towards a friendship with Salesforce and Apex. Apex is Salesforce’s proprietary programming language.


B from dataBase

Salesforce practically does not function without a database. Anyone who is a Salesforce user will confirm that it is not possible to work with this technology on a daily basis if there is no database (this can be compared to the lack of a wardrobe in a flat). It is the database that powers this technology. The structure of the system and the processes hidden in it allow you to build and manage a database with data. That is why the CRM system built in Salesforce becomes a solid foundation of the company and a kind of management body.


C like a cloud

In other words, Cloud which is the essence of all Salesforce. But what does it mean that it works in the cloud? Modules such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud or Service Cloud belong to the SaaS layer, i.e. Software as a Service. Created on the AppCloud platform, which belongs to the PaaS layer. If someone chooses Salesforce as a partner, it means the same as carrying out a digital transformation using the only Salesforce Platform, without additional integration you can build your own products and extend solutions.


D for dashboard

It’s a different kind of reports. Some consider them a nuisance, others consider them ordinary. Dashboard is a dashboard, specifically a list of reports visible in one window. That is why the name of the managerial desk appeared, even though it is not intended only for management. It is more than a list of tables, lines under the line supplemented with data, it is a clear and user-friendly graphic presentation. It is a very friendly tool because it can be created with a few clicks of the mouse. In Salesforce, however, the reports do their own thing, so that data must be created, which is the basis of each statement. You have to make sure that the relevant data is in the system. If you also take care of regular updates, Salesforce will provide their visualization in the form of dashboards.

E for Excel

Does Excel have anything to do with Salesforce? At first glance, not much, and it really all starts with Excel. The implementation of a new CRM system based on Salesforce in an organization means many Excels, notes and many other solutions. Because access to them is difficult due to their distraction, and privacy becomes more and more confusing and difficult to work with.

However, everything is possible with Salesforce, so the “general mess” in the database becomes a spark for changes and new solutions. At the beginning, it does not have to be a full transformation, as both versions can work together (solutions from Salesforce take precedence while maintaining the so-called golden customer records). Over time, even if integration is not necessary, the data will be transferred to the new one anyway. This is the magic of Salesforce


F as frontend framework

In Salesforce, it is Lightning Web Component (LWC). LWC is nothing more than a graphical interface, and its role is to adjust the view of the application to the user’s needs, making it more comfortable and more efficient at the same time. Lightning enables the system to be adapted to business needs on a regular basis and on a regular basis, and to expand it with new elements – LWC definitely facilitates their implementation. If you want to sum up the benefits of using LWC, you can achieve more “on your own” without the back-end.


G for Gartner

It cannot be omitted, because it is an analytical and research company focused on the area of ​​new technologies. The hallmark of Gartner are cyclical reports and a series of studies in which the selected market and the companies operating in it are presented. These reports are a mine of knowledge for anyone looking for technology companions.


H for Heroku

It is a tool from the PaaS group used to provide internet services and run web applications. Why does Heroku appear in Salesforce? Because they come from the same group, which means that from designing an application using Salesforce to integrating it in Heroku, there is a short path, because everything takes place “in the family”


In the next article, the next letters of the alphabet will appear

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