How to become a developer of computer games

16 May 2022

If you like computer science, computer games and you are creative and you are looking for your own professional path, and you do not know exactly what you want to do and where to work, I will suggest that you become a game developer. This profession will give you a lot of satisfaction, the possibility of development, promotion and good earnings. Doing what you like, you will not feel bored in it as in ordinary office work.

So what is the work of a Game Developer like, what predispositions are welcome? Do you need a specific education?

Game developers usually work in development teams, because they are where games for computers and mobile devices are designed and created. The work mainly consists in creating visualizations and writing code to implement all the functions of the game. A career as a Game Developer requires extensive experience in software development, knowledge of mathematics and the ability to cooperate with other people who participate in a given project. It is not without significance to say that the best players also create the best games. It is undeniable that as a possible game developer, you will find employment everywhere, mainly of course development companies or full-time game studios. Of course, in addition to teamwork in the office, you can work remotely independently and even publish your own online game as a freelance computer game developer. A Game Developer must be very creative and also know computer science, thanks to which he has the ability to create something that will look great and also work great.

Game developers are expected to have skills such as:

  • 2D and 3D design
  • programming
  • analytical thinking

Soft skills, critical thinking skills and accuracy in solving difficult tasks are also important. This is very important, especially during game code debugging and performance calibration. An important issue is not only group work, but also the organization of your own working time. Potential employers want to employ people who have well-established knowledge, and above all, the fact of how to use it effectively. If you have a plan in your head that you want to become a real Game Developer, then you definitely need to focus on your education and probably the most accurate decision is to start major studies, where speciality classes are conducted mainly by practitioners.

By choosing the Game Developer specialization, you will learn how to:

  1. Program games for various platforms, new generation consoles or various mobile devices.
  2. Use game development engines
  3. Make use of the C # and C ++ programming language
  4. Create player-oriented games
  5. Maintain a dialogue with publishers and all advertising and marketing activities, the most important tasks in the work of Game Developer include:
    • Planning the game project – when the creator receives the specification and information about the functions, his task will be to outline the plot, characters and the full game environment. The project is broken down into smaller threads, and each part is accounted for by a different part of the section. Work schedules are created and game prototypes are created.
    • Cooperation with visual designers – Game Developers are constantly in close contact with visual creators who create 2D / 3D models
    • Writing the code – with the help of programming languages ​​dedicated to a specific platform, the creators write code that implements the logic of the game, which allows the player to fully integrate with the game and its characters. This is often associated with the responsibility for given code fragments or game functions and cooperation with programmers to obtain the end result.
    • Debugging and testing the game – that is nothing else than checking if everything works as it should. With the help of specific testing tools, attention is directed to the details of the game, code fragments are checked and I catch any errors.
    • Project maintenance – when production is terminated, Developer Game continues to deal with new features and possible improvements. This is how add-ons and packages for games are created, all updates and new levels, characters.

The work of a Game Developer is a really great, exciting profession that gives not only satisfaction, but also attractive earnings, which grow with the experience gained, you can count on earnings of 4-6 thousand at the beginning of your career path.

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