Customers in the center of the company’s attention

28 February 2022

In recent years, among numerous publications, information about the relationship between the customer and the service provider has clearly appeared. Today, all customers are much better informed, but also less loyal. It seems quite possible that this phenomenon will get even worse over time. The business world should prepare for these changes as customers and their priorities keep changing.

It may also happen that a company that wins the fight for a customer today may fail tomorrow. Many experts in company-customer relationship research indicate that this is a rather complicated area, and meeting customer expectations is not the easiest task. Over 60% of respondents considered that customer behaviour is a challenge for many industries.

In the conditions of liquid changes in the market, it is difficult to adjust customer needs operationally towards business directions. The conducted research indicates a really serious task, where customer satisfaction translates into the operational performance of the company. It will be easier for any team to adapt to the ever-changing present if the model of functioning changes.


Take it easy to demonstrate 4 ways to put your prospect in the spotlight

  1. understanding the needs and habits of customers — by understanding what customers expect and what they are willing to pay for, you can take appropriate strategic and operational steps. Probably every sales team in a given organization has such information. Often, it is enough to collect, analyse and draw conclusions that will direct in the right direction and translate into maximum efficiency in business activities.
  2. coordination of activities — in other words, cross-functional is nothing else than the coordination of the company’s behaviour, therefore what customers expect. It is not only about ordinary marketing or customer service. It often happens that a given company performs various activities completely unrelated to the most important – the client. The best results can be achieved through the cooperation of many, if not all, departments of the company dealing with key clients.
  3. profitability control — the company should understand not only what adds value to the customer, but also the cost associated with each element. Many processes, products and services become part of the customer-centric activities. However, before they are implemented, it is worth assessing them in terms of financial efficiency and whether the introduction of another product variant will actually bring tangible benefits, and not a loss.
  4. flexibility — creating more flexible and effective operational activities is quite complicated, difficult and requires effort, but the benefits are great. Companies that definitely put the customer on a pedestal shift from “customer victims” to the winner of change in the industry. The current market situation forces constant adaptation and abandonment of mass production. It will probably be helpful to analyse the data that will allow you to predict the directions of changes.

And 5 more tips that will ensure an increased number of customers in your company:

First of all — when the customer arrives at your company’s headquarters, he should meet the service in a nice mood. Even if the customer came with a complaint, when he meets the smiling face of the attendant, his negative emotions definitely weaken. You have to remember that face-to-face customer service is a really difficult task, a customer service representative cannot afford to show nervousness or discouragement.

Secondly — the appearance is important, and maybe even very important. We live in very tolerant times, but still when we enter a store, for example, we like when the person serving us is neat, clean and fragrant. For women, precise, subtle makeup and a neat hairstyle, well-groomed hands and painted nails are important, and every man will gain a nice hairstyle and well-groomed facial hair in the eyes of the client. The image definitely inspires trust and raises the company’s prestige.

Thirdly — the quality and speed of service is also a very important element. Each of us knows how annoying it is to wait and listen to music when you call the hotline and you need to do something quickly. Quality should definitely go hand in hand with speed, so let’s not expose our client to long waiting times, because this will probably double his nervousness. The sooner the matter is resolved, the better for both parties involved. A less irritated client can be mollified much faster.

Fourthly — you are aware of the importance of email contact. The appropriate form of the created email is simply the basis of well-structured information. In addition to the standard form of greeting and expanding the message, there must be an information footer at the end of the email. If it additionally includes a photo of the sender, it definitely gives credibility to the company and its employee. The same principle works in social media. They enable the customer to quickly contact the company, so if the company ignores it or treats it too loosely, it will have an impact on the contacts between the customer and the company. When handling all social media, you should make every effort to ensure that they are at the highest level.

Fifthly and finally — the right conversation and asking the right questions is also the secret of creating a good relationship with the client, even in a situation when it seems to be a difficult task at first. Even if it is a conversation on a sensitive topic, even a rather unpleasant situation can be averted by skilful dialogue. Each of us likes to feel noticed and appreciated by the person serving us.


Everything that has been written above, of course, is only a part of many factors that will make a potential customer become the center of attention and make him feel special to the company he works with. A good manager must start with setting priorities and should start with his own employees, because a satisfied employee is a satisfied customer, and if the customer is satisfied, it will translate into the company’s income and prestige.

You should listen to what employees say, because they have the most experience in everyday work with clients, from which a good manager will draw appropriate conclusions. The employees and customers who are key to the company’s efficiency and profitability should be the most glorified.

While the needs of both employees and customers are constantly changing, good management should always conduct regular reviews and optimization to ensure maximum customer and employee satisfaction and ensure the greatest profit for the plant. Only holistic, global thinking will move your company towards customer orientation, and business opportunities will allow you to find the best method that the company requires to achieve your goal.

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