Technologies and professions of the future in IT

25 April 2022

Future in IT? Today, clients are looking for specialists for their projects, which is why certain professions and employee competences are included in the price. Therefore, if you are at the stage of searching for new horizons, and you want to plan your future and career, see what offers are prepared on the labour market.


  1. Python Developer the most popular, simplest, future-proof and versatile, breaking records of popularity. He dethroned Java in the recent past, and everything indicates that his popularity will continue to grow. Python is needed for application development and automation in business processes. This language is used in machine learning, which is very popular lately. It is for this reason that Python Developers are sought after in the market.
  2. Machine Learning Engineer / Specialist are generally specialists who have extensive knowledge in the field of statistics, mathematics, programming and data science. If your preferences are towards artificial intelligence, there are a lot of readings and interviews with experts on this topic available.
  3. RPA Developer is a technology that is currently conquering the IT market. RPA Developer works on the automation of processes that, due to their repeatability, are tedious and highly labor-intensive for humans. This area is currently booming as it allows customers to make significant savings, and it can be assumed that this boom will continue. To find yourself as an RPA Developer, you need to have a lot of knowledge about programming, primarily in the field of Net and test automation. An unquestionable advantage is the fact that one tool, such as BluePrism, is generally sufficient during work.
  4. DevOps Engineer once a software test was performed at the end, and the implementation itself was the responsibility of the administrator, a new DevOps approach. It is a philosophy that gathers more and more interested people. DevOps specialists are currently ranked among the highest paid and at the same time the most sought after by employers. Such huge popularity is due to the fact that they have a set of unique competences and general knowledge of issues and products such as Ansible, Service Mesh, Kubernetes, i.e. generally everything that is necessary to create microservices and scaled applications that can be implemented in a cloud environment.
  1. Unified Communication Specialist is a person who integrates and supervises various forms of communication in the company. Merging phone calls, SMSes, videoconferences, chats or e-mails is all within the scope of his competences, especially in remote work. This allows users to collaborate in real time, obtain and share data from one location with multiple people. It does not matter whether the company is large or small, the appropriate Unified Communications solution improves collaboration, increases the productivity and mobility of employees, and at the same time improves the Customer Experience of customers.
  2. Cybersecurity specialist as the name suggests, this person will take care of ensuring security on the network. Many companies currently make sure that the security is at a high level, and therefore they employ cybersecurity specialists and ensure that employees from other fields and sectors have at least the basics in the field of security. The most popular in this regard are:
    • IT security architect, responsible for the design, implementation and supervision of the security system.

    • Safety engineer – a person in this position may have less knowledge than an architect. He deals with testing and supervision of security systems and monitors the network in terms of possible security gaps and security breaches.
    • Security Software Developer – a great proposition for programmers, because the person in this position combines his knowledge with data on cybersecurity.


It must be admitted that the IT industry was least affected by the effects of the pandemic, and the labour market itself outlines new trends with which it is worth being up-to-date. The industry is still growing, new professions and technologies are emerging, where everyone who wants to find something for themselves. If you devote some time to learning, you can completely change your professional life, and the satisfaction with the achieved success seems priceless.

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