Key trends that will dominate the IT market

23 August 2021

Key trends that will dominate the IT market in the near future

The IT market is constantly in a dynamic phase of development, which in turn causes huge changes. Which trends from previous years will remain on one level, and what new will soon stand out for the industry? It is not surprising to anyone that the IT sector is definitely dominated by men and according to reports conducted in teams, there are only 3 or 4 women per 10 men. According to data from the European Commission, in the whole of Europe in the ICT industry only 19% of women hold managerial positions, while in other industries up to 45%. However, this state of affairs will probably change noticeably in the near future.

In recent years, the percentage of women in IT faculties was small, but already in the academic year 2017/2018 the largest increase in the number of female students in this field was recorded and currently account for about 14-15% of all students related to IT. It can already be seen that programmers (those newly minted) are arriving at a faster pace than men and probably the disproportion will gradually decrease, so women will no longer be a niche trend in programming. The greatest importance in increasing the role of women in IT is played by the companies themselves, more and more corporations and large plants openly promote the policy of “diversity”. Banks, telecommunications companies, the cosmetics industry and many others that want to change the current trend in IT operate in this direction.


Motivation, flexibility, attitude more important than a diploma from 2020!

In recent years, 15 largest companies in the USA, e.g. IBM or other behemoths and corporations, have joined the group of employers for whom a diploma of graduation is not a basic point in the curriculum vitae. Many employers offer high-paying jobs to people who have not chosen the standard learning path. This is another fact fixed in IT – it is known that the education system works too slowly in relation to the demand for employees and novelties on the market. Several world-famous companies have admitted that grades from studies or exams are of little value in translating later work results. In the U.S., ibm’s 15% of non-graduated employees, while vocational courses and experience in day-to-day work give better qualifications for many positions in the technology sector than a university degree. The continuous development of the IT sector means that not only strictly technical qualifications, but also the employee’s approach to duties and his flexibility, adaptability or willingness to further learn play an increasingly important role in recruitment.

Educate and hire – that is, new channels for acquiring employees

Currently, up to 30% of companies in the technology industry have problems with employing qualified employees. Since the demand for professionals in the industry is huge, the number of candidates is too small, and the recruitment process is an expensive undertaking, some companies have started to train employees or train those already employed. Several large companies in the global market have decided to launch their own programming academies, the most talented listeners are hired or transferred to more lucrative positions. The effects are so satisfactory that these trends will probably stay in the IT industry for longer.


Moving to the cloud – the latest IT trend from 2020

Until now, working on cloud-based systems was rare. The year 2020 may turn out to be a breakthrough in this field. The distance with which large companies approached SaaS solutions is disappearing. Skeptics of this solution motivated it with fear of data security and additional costs. Companies that have decided on such a solution are definitely satisfied, emphasizing the efficiency and availability of all kinds of data, and thus accelerating the company’s key movements, in addition, moving to the cloud even when trading large amounts of data does not necessarily involve additional costs. Such a trend persists especially in large corporations, instead of maintaining servers, the company pays for access to the system or a specific program. Programs created using the best programming languages are easy to use and often associated with mobile devices.


Which programming language you should choose?

Another and practically the last important question in the context of trends in IT concerns what language should be chosen in programming. Specialists, respondents and programmers themselves do not predict any drastic changes, their suggestions revolve around JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, C++, C#, however, the biggest quantitative jump fell on Python, and because it is dynamically developing, it ranked just behind JavaScript. Educational programs aimed at employees who want to improve their competences are currently gaining considerable popularity. It is the employees themselves who expect from the employer the opportunity for continuous development, gaining valuable experience and looking for new roles in the company. It is predicted that by 2030, due to increasing automation, about 375 million employees will have to re-industry, and for companies this means that they will have to systemically ensure the best use of talent within their organization.

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