31 march 2021

Salesforce’s functionalities which make your work easier

Life has changed recently, right?

Exactly: virtual classes / school, company meetings only online, office work only from home, shopping mostly via the Internet, face masks, contact with the client only by e-mail or telephone, etc.
And if it was our choice, everything would be fine, but nobody likes to have an imposed lifestyle. In order not to go crazy, there is only one thing we can do – adapt and start using Salesforce functionalities which will allow us to work more efficient.


What Salesforce functionalities make your work easier?

The Salesforce notification system enables efficient communication via chatter, you can use it to talk to individual people, but also direct information to user groups, each answer will give a push notification.

Another valuable Salesforce tool is Process Builder (a point-and-click tool that allows you to easily automate business processes and show a graphical representation of the process while creating), which gives you the ability to create tasks, among other things. You can also set notifications for any project that has a specific execution time.

Do you want to gain new customers? Use Salesforce campaigns. It is the perfect instrument to analyse the specific value of your contacts. If you mark the acquired customer in Salesforce, you can check at any time which of the closed sales started while getting to know the customer at the meeting, whether by phone or, for example, by e-mail. Campaigns can be set, among others, on: return on investment from meetings, tracking where you met the customer, tracking responses, tracking conversions, etc.

Salesforce Inbox has a lot of communication options: chatter, integration with Outlook and Gmail and a built-in calendar with the ability to define tasks. All equipped with Einstein artificial intelligence, it offers replies to important customer e-mails and automates reactions with regular, formal properties.


Salesforce saves time and automates tasks – Marketing Cloud, Pardot and Sales Cloud.

Don’t use Excel spreadsheets, transfer data to Salesforce, contacts, leads, solutions and campaign participants from Excel, Outlook, ACT and Google Drive, you can have everything in one place. Data quality is not satisfying? Salesforce will eliminate duplicates, all you need is the right configuration. The easiest way is to use the help of a trusted partner like us, we will organize, adapt and support you at any time. Our team of professionals ready for new challenges is waiting for you.

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