What the design thinking is and why it is so popular in a software house?

5 December 2019

The target on the users and understanding all their needs and testing application scripts are very important things in daily work in the software house which is why developers use the particular method called design thinking. How it works?


Design thinking – what it is?

Design thinking is a creative thinking method that originated in the 1960s in the United States. Even then its aim was clear – to provide innovative solutions using specific, creative work methods. Providing as many creative solutions as possible is the core of design thinking. It allows to use this method, not only at every stage of work, but also in various industries – such as IT.

The motto of design thinking is: “doing not talking”, which is the way the project is divided into special stages at which certain issues are classified.

Design thinking – essential pillars

The goal of design thinking is to create and implement innovative solutions. The whole process has been divided into 5 stages of creative design.


The new solutions are created for specific groups of people and understanding their needs is very mportant. To get to know the expectations of the consumer you should get into their  shoes. How? You could use surveys, focus studies and interviews.


This is the moment to determine the problem based on consumer behaviour. It cannot be defined as too narrow or too wide, so you can use techniques like “5 times why”. This stage ends with choosing one specific solution, e.g. by voting.


At this moment the team comes up with as many possible solutions as possible. They can brainstorm.


Creating a prototype is a visualization of the solution of the problem. You could use a board, storyboard, styrofoam or other tools to build a prototype. The team does not only focus on technical details but also on their own feelings and experiences.

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