What’s new in Salesforce?

4 April 2022

What’s new in Salesforce? Something for employees working in the field or at the customer’s

Salesforce has recently launched the Salesforce Field Service, which, through the support of artificial intelligence, is able to provide the highest quality tools for out-of-station services. The first Field Service built on the basis of Salesforce CRM includes possibilities for optimization and scheduling of meeting dates, handling messages or automated communication with customers. It is thanks to these facilities that employees can fulfil their duties on time and in comprehensive manner.

When the pandemic began, many companies had to suspend their activities, especially those that were operating in the field, because the imposed restrictions disrupted normal contact with the customer. This state of affairs could not last too long, because all devices such as medical devices, air conditioners and machines from production lines still needed repair, replacement or simply service. It is for this reason that Salesforce created and developed the Field Service tools dedicated to the handling and management of field orders.


So what’s new in Salesforce Field Service?

  1. Dynamic Priority — allows dispatchers to focus on the matters that matter most through intelligent planning and optimization functions, thanks to automatic prioritization by customer recommendations and service priority. So it looks like that if the device needs maintenance and the warranty expiration date is approaching, then this order will receive the highest degree of feasibility from the machine.
  2. Einstein Recommendation Builder — gives organizations the ability to quickly implement machine learning models that will improve the quality of services, so as to enable mobile employees appropriate solutions for a specific task. By scanning previous orders, Einstein will look for similar circumstances and on this basis determine the components needed to complete the current order.
  3. Asset 360 — is a completely new way of managing assets created by ServiceMax in cooperation with Salesforce. It is thanks to Asset 360 that companies will get access to the database, service agreement and equipment performance. As a result, companies will be able to increase the efficiency of task performance while reducing operating costs.
  4. Appointment Assistant — is a function that uses GPS to update the arrival time of a service technician. It is an option that allows you to maintain maximum safety, because the customer, informed in advance of the arrival of service technicians, can prepare for this visit. Now, it is more important than ever for service technicians to be equipped with good equipment and tools, a complete set of information that will affect the efficiency and course of the task and increase the repair rate.

Many years of experience in the industry have improved Salesforce Field Service to such an extent, strengthening its efficiency so that companies from various fields can perform their tasks as reliably and at the highest level while maintaining the safety of customers and employees. The novelty of the new generation of Salesforce Field Service also includes ClickSoftware, which is a leader in the management of mobile services. The combination of both of these services gave the opportunity to create a reliable tool for working in the field, while maintaining the requirements of service organizations. Many customers from various industries and regions of the world use Salesforce Field Service in a different way to further develop and increase their income.


How can companies use this service?

So let’s see what it looks like in practice. Automobile clubs that operate in the USA and provide customers with travel, financial, insurance and automotive services using Salesforce Field provide customers with comprehensive support from the first contact until the end of the entire service process. New solutions allow you to maximize resources, and employees equipped with reliable information and equipment can serve as many as 2.2 million customers. Horticulture companies operating in Great Britain can freely guarantee full service to 2.5 million customers.

Intelligent planning made it possible for the field team to increase the number of orders performed by at least one for each employee. Thanks to the new organization, it was possible to designate new routes for field crews, and this translated into significant fuel savings, the lack of placing orders on paper resulted in further savings related to the purchase of new sheets of paper. Replacing traditional mail and introducing a digital mailbox is another risk saved, and thanks to the efficient operation of the system, you can respond to customer inquiries much faster.

Medical companies that focus primarily on women’s health have used Salesforce to be able to analyse products on a customer’s website, determine what version of the software they are using and analyse their service history. Catering companies were able to launch a meal delivery program for seniors within a few days, coordinate shipping from premises and synchronize perfectly with the work of suppliers. There are many more companies and industries, and it is impossible to list everything here. One thing is for sure, Salesforce field service management enables the entire staff to efficiently and efficiently solve customer problems and orders while saving money, expenses and sales.

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