Who is the Salesforce Administrator?

6 September 2021

Salesforce administrator? We’ll bring you closer to who a Salesforce admin is and what they do to create a connection between business and technology

Salesforce serves approximately 150,000 customers in various companies, non-profit organizations and institutions that establish cooperation with customers. People around the world rely on this customer relationship management (CRM) platform to grow or maintain their business.

A Salesforce administrator in each of these organizations is critical to the success of the whole. Administrators work with two stakeholders to customize the platform and system requirements. Simply put, they enable users to get the most out of Salesforce technology because they best understand and know the platform and know how to get the most out of it, in line with the company’s goals and objectives. Some companies employ one administrator, while others rely on several experienced employees in this role.

The admin’s collaborators can rely on him because: he knows the platform perfectly, makes it easier for users to use Salesforce technically, is up to date with new tools and platform updates, and are important links between business and technology. In some companies, administrator tasks are also combined with other tasks. Due to the capabilities of the platform, having an employee with an admin certificate can ensure that the company takes full advantage of its capabilities. Let’s analyse, for example, the sales team, they can easily use the sales cloud to analyse opportunities and close offers.

With the help of a Salesforce administrator, salespeople can create cost estimates for specific dashboards, reports, alerts to minimize the sales cycle and verify the potential customer in more detail and effectively, which will allow you to get the maximum degree of satisfaction of both the seller and the new customer. We have solutions for almost every team in the company, starting from sales through marketing, customer service and others.


Do you know how to become a Salesforce administrator?

You don’t need to have a technical background or knowledge of this technology, anyone with a computer and internet access can train on a free online learning platform designed specifically to teach new students and improve the qualifications and skills of current admins. To pass the exam and receive the certificate, you need to devote about 115-125 hours of study and preparation according to the schedule.

You can choose one of the five specializations in Salesforce administration yourself:

  1. Administrator — Designed for those who have experience but are constantly looking for solutions to help businesses get additional features and capabilities.
  2. Advanced administrator — is an experienced “admin” who has mastered the advanced features of Salesforce to solve various business problems.
  3. CPQ Specialist — is a person with experience in designing, building and implementing quote flows from Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote, technologies used to organize sales teams.
  4. Marketing Cloud Administrator — these are administrators who configure and solve problems with user requests in the Marketing Cloud service, including subscriber data management and installer navigation.
  5. Platform App Builder — these are people qualified in designing, building and implementing non-standard solutions and applications.

Candidates should have a broad knowledge of adapting Salesforce to regularly configure the platform, manage users, and look for ways to get even more features and capabilities. Before taking a scheduled exam, it is recommended that candidates have at least six to twelve months of practice using Salesforce. When you’re ready for the exam, sign up for a multiple-choice test.

The test contains about 60 questions plus five unassisted questions, for the whole you have a little over an hour and a half at your disposal and you need to get 65% or more on the overall scale. If you pass the test, you are a certified Salesforce administrator and your career opportunities are open. Now it is enough to maintain certification according to a specific schedule to keep your knowledge and skills up to date.

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