Women in the IT industry

22 November 2021

Until recently, when the word Programmer was used, our imagination gave us an image of a young man with glasses in front of a computer or laptop. Such states change, and now we can see women on this position more often. Although many sceptics still believe that these are not sectors for women.


What does life show?

Well, more and more women start their careers as a programmer or web developer, successfully matching the men. Perhaps the ladies appreciated the possibility of remote work, or maybe they became more interested in trends and technologies. They are more willing to participate in internet forums about IT industry, and they are perfectly suited to positions that require technical skills. They sparkle at industry events and reach for training and courses on programming, web design and data analysis. According to the conducted research, the ladies working in the industry as well as those who are just taking their first steps in this direction are very well-educated and prepared. More than 60% have a master’s degree and another 30% have a bachelor’s and engineering degree.

It is also interesting that many women have deepened their technological knowledge on their own. More than 30% of them completed their education on courses or self-study at home. An intriguing phenomenon is that many women who want to change their branches and work in the IT industry have previously worked in banking, marketing, engineering industry and journalism. If we look at what programming languages ​​are most often used by women, they most often choose Java, JavaScript, Python and SQL. In turn, the most popular specializations are Testing, Frontend and Backend with further positions: Support, IT Administration, Product Management and Security.

Industry stereotype

Women are thirsty for knowledge and determined to face new challenges in the IT world. Although everything is changing around us, unfortunately there are still situations in which young women are directed towards typically “female professions”. The old-fashioned approach of what women should do and what men should do, make girls who would like to work in the IT industry lose their confidence and often give up the “male profession”. Completely unnecessary, because they are as effective as the gentlemen. The time has come to abandon these stereotypes.

Working conditions in the IT industry

Although the IT industry poses many challenges, it is easy to find a balance between work and private life in a friendly work environment. The balance between these two spheres depends on both the employer and the employee. Women working in the IT industry are free to reconcile work and family life as long as they can set limits and strictly adhere to them.

It is worth mentioning here that companies operating in the technology industry are prone to a flexible approach to work, and this undoubtedly affects the reconciliation of both aspects of life. Currently, the IT market is considered the most stable due to the progressive digitization and the growing demand for employees. As it turns out, more and more often “gentlemen programmers” notice that the presence of women in their team introduces positive energy, harmony and balance, thanks to their delicacy and general empathy and their high qualifications of course. There is something to it, because several studies show that the greater the diversity in the team, the better the results of the entire team, including sales.

Today’s female high school graduates are more likely to study computer science than people born before 1983. After graduation, more than half of them work in the IT industry, and the rest in finance, education, sales or the automotive industry. The IT industry is a dream come true for women who want to start a family without giving up their jobs. A large group of women who are already mothers appreciate the fact that they can count on benefits such as medical packages, flexible working hours and even additional days of leave. A branch of this sector, like no other, allows you to perform employee duties completely remotely.


Fears of entering the IT world

The biggest problem that prevents women from starting work in computer science is the lack of an idea where to start, and up to 40% of them said they didn’t know how to start their professional development. The others fear changes. The IT industry we are talking about has one more important aspect. The need for continuous training and being up-to-date with various novelties causes difficulties for some people. Sometimes it happens that a young mother, after returning from a maternity leave, finds that technologies and programming languages ​​have changed, and she has a lot to catch up.

Not less many studies have confirmed the fact that the teams in which women work are more innovative, creative and at the same time there are definitely fewer conflicts between employees. It’s no secret that women in Poland earn about 20% less than men, and the IT industry is unfortunately no exception. An interesting fact is that ladies working in modern technologies earn more than their friends in other industries. The available information on earnings shows that the average salary is PLN 6,000 / net. Ladies who are just starting their career as programmers can count on PLN 4,000 / net, and those with experience can see up to PLN 9,000 / net on their accounts. So, dear ladies, there is nothing to be afraid of and if you want to change your life, just do it!

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